Attention Bad Balance and Vertigo Sufferers, Free Event For You Balance & Vertigo Workshop Reveals Natural Ways to Improve Your Balance and Treat Your Vertigo.  

Thursday, February 25th
at 12 pm
2 The Square at Lillington

Lillington, NC 27546  


“Improve Your Balance, Live Your Life!”


1. YOU'VE been suffering with bad balance or vertigo.

2. If YOU avoid leaving your house because you are afraid to fall.

3. If YOUR bad balance and vertigo are taking away your ability to enjoy your life.  

4. You've TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to take charge of YOUR own well being.



***We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.***

Introducing: Dr. Sara Morrison 

Presenting: Natural Ways to Improve Your Balance and Treat Your Vertigo!

"Here at Total Body Therapy & Wellness we've helped hundreds of people from the Lillington and Harnett County area who have suffered from bad balance or vertigo and helped them regain their independence!"

Positive Outcomes

“I was having trouble with my balance, which caused me to fall twice. My doctor suggested that I come to TBTW to do physical therapy. I was also having pain in my back, but after coming here for a while, I noticed that the pain was starting to get better too! We worked on my gait and ankles, which has helped improve my balance and I haven’t fallen anymore!” - Faye Johnson, TBTW Patient  

“I came to TBTW for vertigo and dizziness. I had difficulty with walking, standing and self-care. Now, I can do most anything. Pt Allowed me to drive a car, stay by myself, and keep my balance. The staff at TBTW were wonderful to work with. They changed the things I can do each day!”  

- Ronnie McDonald, TBTW Patient  

“I came to TBTW because my ankle was fractured. I had difficulty walking and standing. I am no longer using my cane and things around the house are a lot easier! I can even get down lower than I have been! PT at TBTW has allowed me to do things I wasn’t able to do before and even improve my balance! Everyone here is good and not only works with you but also encourages you!”  

- Peggy Hartung, TBTW Patient  

“I came to TBTW because I was having dizziness and I also had a couple of falls. I was having trouble with stepping down and had dizziness with head movements. I had trouble with walking a chalk line and walking and looking in another direction. Now I can balance better on the chalk line. My balance is much better when walking and I’m able to look at my surroundings without having dizziness. TBTW has really helped me. The entire staff has been wonderful!”  

- Betty Spence, TBTW Patient


Where: Total Body Therapy & Wellness

2 The Square at Lillington
Lillington, NC 27546

When: 12 p.m. on Thursday, February 25th


All attendees will receive a FREE copy of
Dr. Sara S. Morrison's book,
"Improve Your Balance, Live Your Life!"

"Do you ever lose your balance?

Do you prefer to hold onto walls, furniture or people when you walk?  

Do you catch your balance on furniture or walls?  

Are you afraid of falling?  

Do you avoid leaving your house because you are afraid to fall?  

Have you stopped living because of fear???  

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this book is for YOU!  

I am here to tell you it is possible to "Improve Your Balance, Live Your Life" naturally, safely, and effectively. You can get back to doing the things you love... and living without fear!"  

- Dr. Sara S. Morrison