Attention Knee and Ankle Pain Sufferers! Free Workshop "Learn To Manage Knee and Ankle Pain Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery!" 

Saturday, August 15th
11:30 AM
2 The Square at Lillington
Lillington, NC 27546


“Heal Your Body, Live Your Life!”


1. YOU'VE missed work due to knee or ankle pain.  

2. If YOU'VE missed out on family vacations or activites you love because of your knee or ankle pain.  

3. If YOU'VE found yourself worrying more about your pain rather than living your life.  

4. If YOU'VE TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to take charge of your own wellbeing.  



***We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.***

Introducing: Dr. Sara S. Morrison 

Presenting: Overcoming Knee and Ankle Pain 

"Here at Total Body Therapy & Wellness we've helped hundreds of people from the Lillington and Harnett County area who have suffered needlessly with knee and ankle pain. It's our specialty!"

Positive Outcomes

“I started coming to TBTW when I had finally had enough of my knee hurting and swelling so bad that it was affecting my daily activity. My knee was hurting so bad that it was affecting my work and I couldn’t get everything done at work that I needed to. Now that I went through PT at TBTW my knee is no longer swelling, and the pain has subsided. I’m so happy that I can work and walk with no pain. I no longer have to stop and sit down and take an anti-inflammatory and ibuprofen. Everyone here at TBTW is so friendly and helpful. I am so appreciative that my brother in law referred me to them!!”  

- Megan Erickson, TBTW Patient  

“I came to physical therapy because I had knee pain. I had trouble dancing and I love dancing. Now that I am done with physical therapy I can dance even better than before. To whoever may read this, I promise, IT GET’S BETTER!”  

- Brooke Vuncannon, TBTW Patient

“What sets TBTW apart is their amazing staff!! I’ve been a regular at TBTW for the past 16 months, following two surgeries on my knee. Over this time, I’ve had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with every member of the TBTW family. Without exception, each has been dedicated to my wellbeing and my recovery and are knowledgeable and compassionate. I will miss their smiles! I am leaving my therapy program with work to do but am confident that my home exercise program will get me there. Already I have strength in my legs that I haven’t had in years. I look forward to long walks and mountain hikes- something that I thought I would never do again! In short – I can’t thank the staff at TBTW enough for giving me back my quality of life now that I have the time to do the active things I’ve always wanted to do. Words of advice – It’s never too soon or too late – to get their help. You’ll be glad you did!”  

- Judith Gardner, TBTW Patient  

“I have come to TBTW twice and on both occasions the results of my treatment have been positive. The knee responded to treatment very well and now the ankle is going much better. This last time I was unable to stand or walk for any length of time. Stairs were difficult. To say I have come a long way is without a doubt. The pain level has been greatly reduced. At times it is very little. I feel that my every day life has been enhanced. Things I felt were beyond my reach – I can now achieve. The exercises and therapy has given me control over my life. I did not want to be controlled by circumstances, but I wanted to control them. TBTW gave me back things that I couldn’t do before. The staff at TBTW were wonderful. No matter who I worked with they put themselves into getting me well! To them I was important, and my problems needed to be addressed. If I asked a question they gave me an answer that I could understand. Thanks to a wonderful and conscious staff! I would recommend anyone who needs therapy to consider TBTW!”  

- Elby Dunalney, TBTW Patient  

“I came to TBTW after having corrective knee surgery to repair meniscus among other problems. I had favored my left leg for a period of about 6 months. It’s amazing how quickly one loses muscle tone due to favoring a particular area of the body. The first trip to TBTW after surgery showed me how much the left leg had atrophied. Even as the pain subsided after surgery, I could not even take stairs normally because of muscle loss. I am a real-estate property manager and do remodeling, construction, and maintenance, so I am very active. But, my activity had been severely restricted before surgery. Once we fixed the underlying problem, we still had a long way to go to get my life back to normal. I believe we have achieved that goal and I walk with no limp and climb stairs normally (except I sometimes use the opportunity to do exercises!) I love all the guys and gals at TBTW and found everyone both professional and caring. Not sure I could listen to everyone’s complaints, aches, and ailments daily with the same interest. It’s a gift and I am grateful.”  

- Michael Thomas, TBTW Patient  


Where: Total Body Therapy & Wellness

2 The Square at Lillington
Lillington, NC 27546

When: 11:30 am on Saturday, August 15th.


All attendees will recieve a FREE copy of Dr. Sara Morrison's book, "Heal Your Body, Live Your Life!"

"Do you suffer from pain?

Are you tired of missing work, family activities and losing sleep because of pain?

Do you ever wish you could just "get back to normal"?

Do you want to avoid medicine, shots and surgery? 

Are you ready to DO something about it?

Then this book is for YOU!

I am here to tell you it is possible to "Heal Your Body, Live Your Life" naturally, safely and effectively!"

- Dr. Sara S. Morrison

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