Attention Neck & Shoulder Pain Sufferers, Free Event For You Neck & Shoulder Pain Workshop Reveals Natural Ways to Heal Your Pain For Good.  

Saturday, October 5th 1:00pm 2 The Square at Lillington Lillington, NC 27546  


“Heal Your Body, Live Your Life!”


1. YOU'VE been suffering with neck and shoulder pain.

2. If YOU need relief from painful muscle knots, muscle spasms, clicking or grinding.  

3. If YOUR pain is taking away your ability to enjoy your life.  

4. You've TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to take charge of YOUR own well being.



***We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.***

Introducing: Dr. Sara Morrison 

Presenting: Natural Ways to Heal Your Neck & Shoulder Pain

"Here at Total Body Therapy & Wellness we've helped hundreds of people from the Lillington and Harnett County area who have suffered needlessly with Neck and Shoulder pain. It's our specialty!"

Positive Outcomes

“When I first started, I was hurting really bad on my shoulders and my neck area. I could not raise my arm at my job. It was really painful. I could not pick up a gallon of milk without hurting. Then I started coming to TBTW and they helped me with stretches and exercises and I feel 100% better. I am very glad that I came to them for help. They are friendly and they make you feel comfortable and very at ease. I really want to thank each and every one of them for helping me out and I will highly recommend them. Thank you all.”  

- Aleida McKoy, TBTW Patient  

 “I know from personal experience what PT can do for you. I have seen it first hand and experienced it. There are other things to help you get better other than drugs. If one has a goal, you have to have discipline. Without discipline, one will never reach that goal. I have that in each exam room. I will continue to refer patients here for all you do!”

- Richard Temblador, Physician Assistant and TBTW Patient

“I was referred to TBTW by Dr. Zia and Temblador. I was having difficulty with walking even ½ a mile. I had back and neck pain. Now that I’m done with PT I can walk more than 2 miles. When I bend I am pain free! Thanks to TBTW I have better general health and fitness. Great Job, TBTW!”  

- Gerald Brenneman, Physician Assistant and TBTW Patient  

“I came to Total Body Therapy and Wellness because my right shoulder and neck continued to give me problems and lots of pain. I could no longer play basketball with my boys, sleep well at night, and do my normal chores around the house. The staff at TBTW has taken such good care of me and has helped me get back on the court with the boys. I am sleeping better at night with no neck pain. I would totally recommend TBTW to anyone that has pain or injuries. Wonderful Staff!!”  

- Kami Cook, TBTW Patient

“I came to TBTW because I had really bad neck pain. I was having difficulties with sleeping, driving, and reading. I am now feeling much better when doing these things. My neck is stronger and I have less pain. I am also having fewer headaches. All the employees have been very professional and kind. I would definitely recommend TBTW to others! I would come back if I needed PT again. ”  

- Wendy Robbins, TBTW Patient


Where: Total Body Therapy & Wellness

2 The Square at Lillington Lillington, NC 27546

When: 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th.


All attendees will recieve a FREE copy of Dr. Sara Morrison's book, "Heal Your Body, Live Your Life!"

"Do you suffer from pain?

Are you tired of missing work, family activities and losing sleep because of pain?

Do you ever wish you could just "get back to normal"?

Do you want to avoid medicine, shots and surgery? 

Are you ready to DO something about it?

Then this book is for YOU!

I am here to tell you it is possible to "Heal Your Body, Live Your Life" naturally, safely and effectively!"

- Dr. Sara Morrison